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Trying to Shop Non GMO? There's an App for That!

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With no law yet requiring labeling of foods containing GMOs, it's up to the shopper to figure it out.

The Non-GMO Project seal provides a helpful tool, letting a shopper know that a product has been third-party tested and is GMO free. Beyond that, though, it gets a bit murky.

Here are five apps that can help you determine if products contain GMOs. Many of them also offer GMO-free shopping tips and GMO information.

True Food Shopper's Guide: Free

This GMO-free shopping app gives you brands that likely contain GMOs and those that likely don't.

It relies on assurances from companies, rather than testing, to determine if products contain GMOs. One useful aspect is the general information provided for each food category. Juice, for example, has a rundown of the product's suspect ingredients, like high-fructose corn syrup. The app also provides general information on GMOs and resources, such as the stance of national grocery chains on GMOs and labeling. Click here to get the download.

ShopNoGMO: Free

The Institute of Responsible Technology offers this app, which provides information about the science behind GMOs and health risks, and supplies hundreds of non-GMO food brands in 23 food categories. You'll also find a guide for dining out GMO-free, hidden GMOs and more. Click here for the download.

Healthy Food, Allergens, GMO and Nutrition Scanner: $4.99

Use your phone as a scanner with this app, which lets you scan a product's UPC symbol to check if it contains GMOs, possible harmful ingredients and allergens.

Its database has more than 225,000 UPC symbols, so chances are you'll find what you scan. This app is an easy and fun way to get kids involved in nutritional awareness (and keep them busy at the grocery store). Click here for the download.

Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide: Free

This free app enables you to find products that are Non-GMO Project Verified. This verification means that each product has been tested at various times in the manufacturing process to ensure that it does not contain GMOs. The app lets you search for GMO-free products by brand name and by category. It also offers information about GMOs, such as what they are, safety issues and tips for avoiding them. Click here for the download.

Ipiit Food Ambassador: Free

A bit more interactive than the others, this scan app allows you to review products for fellow users to see, and also to post the foods that you scan on Facebook and Twitter. It's customizable as well, so you can put in search criteria like GMO-free and other ingredient alerts such as gluten-free, soy-free and so on. Currently it has 220,000 products in its database. Click here for the download.